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Stag and Hen Parties, Paintball, ASG, Shooting Range in Krakow

The “FARO” company is engaged in the wide range of operations in the field of integrative events for companies and individual clients. With our offer you will get the possibility to organize such events as stag parties, hen parties, as well as birthdays and name days. The offer is aimed at both young people and adults.

Paintball / ASG

We provide comprehensive conditions to play Paintball or ASG (Air Soft Gun) – the service, scenarios and the necessary equipment (protective clothing, marker / shotgun and mask) – on our own premises or any designated by the client.

Shooting Range

Classes at the our PNEUMATIC, BULLET and ASG shooting range, (calibre 4.5mm), firearm (calibre 6mm) and combat weapon or sports replica (calibre from 5.56 mm to 12 mm). Everything is supervised by experienced and qualified trainers and instructors.


We have a wide selection of attractions related to mountaineering with varying degrees of difficulty for adults and children, among others, a rope ride and recreation in our rope park. We also build field obstacles and mini-parks in locations designated by the client.

Stag and Hen Parties

Our extensive range allows you to organize events rich in a variety of unforgettable attractions, each participant will remember corporate events, birthdays, stag and hen parties, sports events, camps and class trips.

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