Hen and Stag Nights in Krakow

Integrative Events, Birthday Parties, Hen and Stag Nights

We organize events for companies, stag or hen parties. We have a very wide range of possibilities to organize unforgettable events in Krakow and its surroundings.

Our offer includes such activities as:

Paintball / ASG

A team game involving the elimination of the enemy with weapons firing balls of paint or rubber bullets. It is possible to have fun based on a variety of different scenarios and tasks to be performed (e.g. capturing a flag). We provide the full equipment necessary to play (clothing, shotgun, mask).

Shooting Range

We offer pneumatic shooting at targets, flaps, other objects. We also have weapons of varying calibre with live ammunition!

A Rope Ride

A ride on a vertically suspended rope. The person riding regulates the speed and the style in which they ride. This is a particularly interesting proposal if we can hang the rope at a significant height and offer an increased dose of emotions. Importantly, the rider is always additionally attached to a lifeline loosened by the person securing it.

Tor przeszkód

Organized in order to compete, to identify the best leaders and to allow faster integration of participants. The courses vary of, of course, depending on the order they are made up of different elements. For example – logic or fitness ones, where each team has to travel its course with checkpoints.

In addition, our range includes:

  • archery,
  • quad riding,
  • balloon flights,
  • skydiving.

The following activities are very popular forms of entertainment during events:

  • dressing an OP1 suit (chemical defence),
  • tent pitching race,
  • search with a metal detector,
  • obstacle course (under fire),
  • wheel change in Uaz + parking,
  • shooting duels.

You are invited to contact us – we shall organise any integration event which will significantly improve relations within employees, or will become an unforgettable stag / hen party.