Rope Park, Rope Ride in Krakow

Mountaineering – Rope Park, Rope Ride

Would you like to challenge yourself in the mountains, climbing on tops of rocks, but you’re too far away to the mountains? That’s nothing! It is enough to visit “FARO” in Krakow!

We guarantee our clients climbing routes of various difficulty levels, full certified equipment, staff with appropriate skills and training. In short – we provide fun and safety.

  1. The Tyrol style rope ride – a great way to provide your body with a huge amount of adrenaline. This is an exciting rope ride at a breath-taking speed, preceded by jumping of a high edge – The Tyrol style rope ride usually starts at a considerable height.
  2. Rope Bridges:
    • one-rope – a person moves on it hanging underneath, holding the rope with their hands and feet,
    • commando – two ropes hanging in a horizontal distance of about five feet from each other; one above the other, a person moves the feet on the bottom rope, and holds the top with the arms,
    • Tibetan – three ropes, one at the bottom and two a meter above; a person moves on the bottom rope, and holds the right and left rope with their hands.